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adiAdi Badri temple Chamoli (26th March, 2016) : Adi Badri is located in chamoli  district in latitude 30⁰-9’ and longitude 79⁰ – 16’ 10” at a distance of 19 km from Karnaprayag. There is an encamping ground and small shops at Adi Badri. The road goes through villages of Malsi and Kheti  to Adbadri. The road passes through beautiful scenic places and mountains like Kandal (8,553 feet), Suilidanda (8,936 feet), Bintal (8,300 feet) on right and Diwali (5,479 feet), Beri (5,479 feet) on left. Just above Adi Badri , a lake called Benital is located. At Adi Badri, a group of sixteen temples is found with usual Turk’s cap ornament. Out of these  sixteen temples, one is dedicated to Badrinarayan which is worshipped in modern days. It is said that at the end of Kalyug, when Badrinath passage will get blocked due to collapse of mountains, the temple of Adbadri will be worshipped. The other temples are also worshipped, but in lesser degree. These all temples are crowded together in a space of about 42 by 85 feet and the heights of these temples vary from 6 to 20 feet. The main temple is distinguished by its feature of a raised platform or chabutra in front, roofed in and leading to the small square enclose of the usual pyramid form, within which the idol has been placed.

Adi Badri is one of the Saptbadris located in Badri Kshetra starting from Nandprayag to Swargarohini. The temple is associated with the renaissance of Hinduism by Sankaracharya and the local tradition here at Adi Badri area assigns the buildings of the temples to the Sankaracharya.

Adi Badri can be reached via Rishikesh. The distance of Rishikesh to Adi Badri is 189 km and can be reached within a day at ease. To reach Rishikesh, one can use road, train till Haridwar and by air till Jollygrant airport. The distance by road from Rishikesh to New Delhi is around 225 km.   

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