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Adi Badri closing ceremony (20th December, 2016): The portals of Adibadri, foremost among Sapt Badri have been closed from Thursday (15th December, 2016) on the occasion of Paush Sankranti for one month till Makar Sankranti.
The villagers of the frontier villages participated in large numbers in this worship ceremony. The different groups including women and youth mangal group along with the native educational organization performed vivid cultural programs.
The head priest of the temple started the rituals by bathing the idol of Lord Vishnu with the pious water of River Uttaranarayani Ganga and Vashudhra. In the evening, Lord Vishnu in his gesture of protection was worshipped with Panchjawala aarti and after that his yellow apparel were removed and the procedure of Nirvan Darshan had been started. Amidst music of bells, conch, and chanting of mantra’s, the grand aarti of Lord Vishnu had taken place.
The villagers offered prasad of local cereals to their deity and then distributed it among the devotees. Head priest of Aadibadri told that the ritual of closing the portals for one month has been there since ancient time.
Now the portals will re-open on the occasion of Makar Sankranati for all the Devotees.

Adi Badri temple is located in border district of Chamoli of Uttarakhand, India. This temple is one of the Sapt badri temples located in Badri Khsetra known due to Badri Vishal. The Sapt badri (seven Badri) temples are as follows:

1)  Badri Vishal or Badrinath    2) Adi Badri   3) Vridha Badri 4) Dhyan Badri  5) Ardha Badri         6) Bhavishya Badri and   7) Yogdyan Badri.

Adi Badri temple is located in the hill ranges 17 km from Karnaprayag, Chamoli district. The other name of this temple is Helisera written in revenue records. This temple is one of the 16 temples, which was constructed during late Gupta period.  The builder of this temple as Adi Badri is attributed to Adi Shankar who promoted Hinduism to every part of Bharatvansh. In ancient times, this temple was worshipped when Badrinath temple was closed due to cold weather in Badrinath during winters.

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