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Dream Mountain Resort is located in Joshimath, 15 km downhill from Auli. It takes around 30 minutes to reach Auli by motor vehicle from the resort . Auli is one of the hot holiday destinations in India. The tourism in Auli is an all season affair. The beauty of Auli is unparalleled and you will yearn to visit this place again and again once you visit this place. From Dream Mountain Resort you can take an easy 4 km trek to reach Auli, which will rejuvenate your body and soul. There is another beautiful trek lying ahead of it, which is Auli to Gorson (3km trek). If you have missed Auli then you have not experienced the real beauty of Uttarakhand. 

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 About Auli :
Auli is 16 km up the mountain  from Joshimath and easily accessible by road and ropeway. Seperated by a rich run of forest.  Auli and Gorson are twin meadows on the roof of Joshimath at heights ranging from 8500 ft to 13000 ft. Skiing is a sport directly related with snow.  In India, it is only in the inner Himalayas where snow is available. Every year hundreds of tourists visit here to experience the skiing activity. The number of tourist has been on rise due to the fact that the tourists are becoming more inclined towards adventure activities. Although, it is not possible to be a perfect skier in a week’s programme but still one can have a feeling of being a skier after elementary courses. It is the feeling of gliding over the snow and wind passing you which gives you immense pleasure. Skiing is considered one of the top adventure sports.

Auli 1


 Skiing slops at Auli :

Uttarakhand has many sites that have the potential of developing into ski resorts, but presently Auli, where there are some of the best ski slopes, is the only resort developed so far.   The snow conditions here are normally very good and if the global warming at any time claims Auli then for a long time Gorson further up will be there. Infrastructure essential for the reputation of Auli as a serious ski resort is also in place. A ropeway nearly 3.75 km in length, reportedly the longest in Asia, takes the visitors from Joshimath to Auli. While travelling by ropeway a large number of peaks are visible on a clear day. Prominent among the peaks are Nanda Devi (7817m) Kamet (7756m), Dronagiri (7068m), Bethartoli (6354m) Mana Parvat (7237m). At Auli chair lifts and ski lift are available for general sightseeing during summers and for transfering skiers from the lower slopes to upper slopes during winters.  Mechanical snow beaters beat the fresh snow so that it stays longer on the slopes. Skiers and sightseers have the option of staying at Auli or Joshimath. Auli has become a unique destination for family holidays where children can try their skill at skiing while elders watch them enjoy the wonders of nature.


How to go to Auli :

Joshimath is the base point for Auli, and can be easily reached from Delhi by a good 475 km motorable road. Alternately, one can reach Joshimath from any railhead in Uttarakhand, but the most convenient route is from Rishikesh. The distance from Rishikesh to Joshimath is 250 kms and Auli is only 14 kms ahead. From Joshimath one can travel to Auli by ropeway or by road when cleared of snow.



Auli rope way and chair car

1st night 

Arrival at Joshimath and stay at Dream Mountain Resort twin bed sharing basis.

1st day 

07 AM – Tea and breakfast.

08:30 AM – Departure for Auli by ropeway

9.30 AM – Report to ski instructor at tower no. 10

10.00 AM to 1.30 PM – Skiing

1.30 PM to to 03.00 PM –  lunch break.. packed lunch

03.00 PM to 04.00 PM –  Skiing and return by ropeway to the resort.

2nd, 3rd and 4th day

Same as above on 1st day except departure and return by car or bus.

5th day

Departure for home after break fast.

Total cost of the package per person : Rs. 16, 200/-

Note : Minimum of 5 persons are required for the above programmme.


Amusement charges at Auli for information:-

Ropeway – Rs. 750.00 bothways

Chair lift – Rs. 300.00

Skii Lift – Rs. 50.00


Auli bhatt1

How Auli was



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Distance of Auli from Delhi
Place Altitude (m) Distance point to point / Progressive (km)
Delhi 293
Rishikesh 340 230 /230
Srinagar 579 105 /435
Rudraprayag 610 34 / 469
Chamoli 1069 63 / 532
Joshimath 1890 48 / 580
Auli 2744 14 / 594
Total 594 km  from Delhi


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 The famous treks near Auli are shown below:
 The famous places near Auli are shown below: