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Badrinath associated news and facts (13th February, 2016) : The Badrinath kapat shall be opened on 11th May, 2016 as per official announcements. Every year after closing of Badrinath temple before winter, the opening date of temple is announced at Narendra nagar.

The Badrinath kapat is announced traditionally every year after consulting purohits and priests. It has an interesting background. The announcement is made after checking the horoscope of Tehri naresh at the courtyard of Narendra nagar palace. The Gaadu ghada (pot) shall be carried to Badrinath from Naredndra nagar on 25th April. At that night, the ghada shall be kept at Chela chait dharamshala for the devotees. Next day the team shall reach Srinagar, Garhwal. On 27th April, 2016 the destination shall be Laxmi Narayan mandir near Dimmer village. The  ghada shall be kept here till 7th May, 2016. On 9th May, 2016 the team shall depart for Narsingh temple near Pandukeshwar. After night stay at Pandukeshwar, on 10th, the ghada (pot) shall reach Badrinath.

The kapat opening dates of last four years :

Dham 2013 2014 2015 2016
Yamunotri 13th May 02nd May 21st April 09th May
Gangotri 13th May 02nd May 21st April 09th May
Badrinath 16th May 05th May 26th April 11th May
Kedarnath 15th May 04th May 24th April To be decided on Mahashivratri


The closing ceremony of all the above dhams are preformed according to the traditional rituals. The closing dates of char dhams are as follows:

Badrinath : is decided on Vijay Dashmi during Dussehra.

Kedarnath : Closes on the day after Deewali.

Yamunotri & Gangotri : Closes on Deewali.    

The char dham route of Uttarakhand starts from Yamunotri and ends at Badrinath. Millions of pilgrims visit every year. This year also, it is anticipated that there will be heavy rush to take the darshan of lord Badrinath and other three dhams. The date of Kedarnath shall be updated as soon as it is announced.

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