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Badrinath highway re – opens after 27 hours (21st May, 2017): Heavy landslide on the Badrinath highway near Vishnuprayag resulted in the Badrinath Highway remaining blocked to traffic for nearly 27 hours. On 19 May, 2017 evening around 3pm, boulders started falling at the spot and by 4pm a 150 m stretch of the road was completely damaged by the sliding of a large section of the mountainside.

However, continuous effort by the Border Roads Organisation, whose men and machines worked continuously through the night of 19 May, resulted in the road being cleared for vehicular traffic by the evening of 20 May.

Meanwhile, around 11,000 tourists and pilgrims remained stranded in Badrinath because of the road block. Similarly, the traffic going towards Badrinath was stopped at various stations on the highway from Rudraprayag onwards by the authorities to prevent overcrowding further up near the landslide zone. By evening of 20 May traffic had been restored to normal.

The tourism and pilgrimage traffic to Badrinath has been growing year-on-year. From a figure of 3.5 lakh visitors in 1990, the number of visitors to Badrinath had crossed the figure 9.5 lakhs in 2012.

The number of visitors to Badrinath in 2014 plummeted to a record low of just 1.8 lakh due to 2013 Kedarnath disaster. Since then the situation has started to return to normal and last year in 2016 over 6 lakh visited Badrinath. This year the figure is expected to cross 9 lakhs. Border Roads Organisation has assured that it is ready to ensure a smooth ride to all these visitors.

Opening ceremony of Badrinath temple: This year the kapat of Badrinath Dham opened at 4:15 AM on 6th May, 2017. Badrinath Dham is Bhoo Bhaikhand of earth. This Dham is also known as the Dham for salvation. Badrinath Dham is known for its different names in different yugas – Mukti prada in Satyug, Yog siddha in Treta, VIshala in Dwapar and Badrikasharam in Kalyug. In Puranas, Badrikasharam is named the main Dham of all the Dhams and main theerth of all the teerths.….. read more.

About Badrinath temple:P 3 Sri Badrinath Dham is situated on either banks of the    Alaknanda.  Standing like  twin sentinels over the valley are  the Nar and Narain mountains, and far in the distance soars  the resplendent Nilkanth peak.  Sri Badrinath Temple is in  the lap of  Narain Parvat on the right bank with Nilkanth in  the background.  Most of the living apartments in Badrinath are in the lap  of Nar Parvat and in between flows the Alaknanda,  touching  the feet of Lord Badrinathji….. read more.

BadrinathBadrinath temple kapat closing ceremony (16th November, 2016): Thousands of devotees flocked to Badrinath on the closing ceremony on 16th November 2016, this year……… more
 ris-to-badri1Rishikesh to Badrinath road map: Badrinath is the one of the main Char Dhams of Uttarakhand as well as India. The journey starts from Rishikesh and it takes 1 to 2 days to cover the distance……. read more.
transChar Dham transport rules during season: Every year Uttarakhand transport department issues green cards to commercial vehicles for Char Dham yatra routes……….read more
yamunotriRates of horse, mules on Yamunotri trek: Horse, mule, dandi and kandi rates for Yamunotri trek. This year (2016), the rates for horse, mules…….read more
narsinghWinter Char Dham: The winter char dham in Uttarakhand has not been able to draw the anticipated flow of tourists. The reason for less tourist flow is due to less awareness …read more
AdiClosing ceremony of Adi Badri: The Adi Badri temple was closed on Wednesday (16thDecember 2015) at 7 PM for next one month. The temple will open on Makar Sakranti day… more
BadrinathBadrinath temple closes on Tuesday 17th Nov. 2015 : Portals of the Hindu shrine Badrinath were closed amid Vedic chants on Tuesday (17th Nov 2015) for a six-month winter break. …read more
alkaAlkapuri glacier: Ganga, Yamuna, Alaknanda and many other rivers origin from Uttarakhand. Finally all these rivers merge with Ganga at Allahabad. Like Gaumukh which is the source of the sacred river Ganga….read more
Bhavishya Badri in Uttarakhand: BhavishyaThe group of  seven Vishnu temples is known as Sapt Badri. The most prime Vishnu temple is Badrinath and remaining are 1) Adi Badri 2) Vridha Badri …read more
Over 7 lakh pilgrims visit Chardham, Hemkund Sahib, Uttarakhand: combine_imagesThe number of pilgrims  has been increasing continuously every year for Chardham and Hemkund Sahib….read more
 AdiAdi Badri, Uttarakhand: Adi Badri is located in the district Chamoli of Uttarakhand, 17 km from Karnaprayg. This temple is dedicated to Vishnu Bhagwan …read more
 yogYogdhyan Badri in Uttrakhand : Yogdhyan Badri is one of the Sapta Badri temples. The temple is located at Pandukeshwar village near Govind Ghat in the district Chamoli of Uttarakhand….read more
 DhyanDhyan and Ardha Badri : Uttrakahnd is the place where one can find many endless legendary stories of God and Goddesses. The lord Vishnu meditated in Badrinath… more
 narVridha and Narsingh temples (26th Sep 2015) : Vridha and Narsingh temples are very important temples in Badri – Ksetra. Vridha temple got its name because lord Vishnu appeared…read more.
BadrinathBadrinath Dham: Badrinath Dham is located in Uttrakhand state of India. This Dham is  very sacred and one of the Chardhams of India. This Dham finds mention in vedic… more
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