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heliThe tourism in Uttarakhand is in full swing, this year.  Many tour operators are involved in this part of business. This year, the turnout of the tourists has crossed previous years’ records.  Sometimes, the tour operators are finding it difficult to accept all the queries from visitors, due to long queue of the queries of the tourists. In this type of tourism rush, many dubious elements pretending to be tourist agent take advantage of the situation. There have been many cases of frauds in the tourism related activities, when people take the advance money and disappear from the picture later on. Recently, there has been a similar case in helicopter booking for Kedarnath, as per a newspaper. The culprit has been identified and arrested.  The culprit had taken advance money of 1.35 lakh for 17 passengers for the helicopter booking to Kedaranth.

As per the sources, a person from other state visited Kedarnath on 10th May, this year. After observing the rush for the helicopter booking in Kedarnath, he planned to make money out of this chaos. He later reached to Kedaranath on 8th June and took money from other pilgrims in order to provide them the seats in the helicopter. After taking advance money, the person disappeared from the scene. After few days, he again took advance money for the helicopter service. Finally on Thursday, 16th June, he was caught by the police in fraud case.

The above example is one of the examples when the tourists suffer due to fraud practices by anti – social elements in our society. It is recommended that the tourists should always be very careful in regards to their booking operators. The advance money should always be tried to be paid by cheque if possible. The precautionary measures should always be taken for a happy and satisfactory journey. The example is not only for Uttrarakhand State but for all the places on earth.

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