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Bhavishya Badri in Uttarakhand (9th Sep 2015) : The group of  seven Vishnu temples is known as Sapt Badri. The most prime Vishnu temple is Badrinath and remaining are 1) Adi Badri 2) Vridha Badri 3) Dhyan Badri 4) Ardha Badri 5) Bhavishya Badri and 6) Yogdhyan Badri. The name Badri associated with all these temples is due the fact that the place was full of badri (berries) when Lord Vishnu decided to meditate there. Laxmi gave this Badrinath ji title to lord Vishnu. The Bhavisya Badri is also located in Badri – Kshetra and according to our religious texts, in future the lord Vishnu shall be worshipped here.   For more please Click

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