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From Thal the road ascends for nearly 25 kms to a place called Chaukori situated at a height of 2010 meters. It is a beautiful place for viewing  the magnificent Himalayas, as

Nowhere does the Himalaya look  closer and more inviting than from here. Chaukori has some of the oldest tea gardens of Uttarakhand and also has a lone tourist bungalow which has a watch tower for viewing the Himalayas. It is a nice place for peaceful holiday.

Off the route excursion to Patal Bhuwaneshwar

                         A place of tourist interest near Chaukori is the famous cave temple of Patal Bhuwaneshwar, which  is 34 kms away on the road to Gangolihat. At 12 kms is the little pretty township of Berinag and driving on for another 15 kms to a small place called “Guptari” the road to Gangolihat has to be abandoned and the 7 km long side road taken to Patal Bhuwaneshar.

                   Himalayas are full of natural wonders.  One such wonder is the  caves of Patal Bhuwaneshwar  which from time immemorial have been considered the work of the divine creator. Inside the cave there are several figures  representing different forms of gods and goddesses. The figures are worshipped as Shesh nag,  Garur Raj Jatayu,  Airawat Elephant, Shivling and many more.

   There are several stories about the cave . According to one, the king of Ayodhya, Ritu Verma, who came here for Banprastha ( living away from family after the age of 75 ) was the first person to discover this cave and to worship the various deities therein. Others believe that the king discovered the cave while he was out for hunting.  Later the Katyuri and Chand kings gave it the prominence of a temple – Patal Bhuwaneshwar.

           To the geologists and scientists this is a geological occurrence, where different mineral solutions seeping through  porous rocks  have formed the cave  and deposited minerals in the shape of stalectites and stalegmites, which are being worshipped as Shiv lings and other deities. Whatever the case, the cave has attained the position of a centre of faith and dedication and has become a great attraction for thousands of  tourists and pilgrims from far and near.

          The visit to Patal Bhuwaneshwar can be combined with a visit to the famous shakti peeth of Gangolihat, which is about 7kms from Guptari. The temple of Kalika Devi is the centre of worship for people from different parts of the country.

  Few famous places are shown below:


 The Char Dhams of Uttarakhand
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