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cyclingCycling is one of the sports which needs lot of physical exercise and devotion to ride. In many countries, the cycling is a passionate sport and people make it a habit to ride the cycle regularly. Uttarakhand state also provides cycling routes because of less traffic routes in comparison to other states. The climatic condition also suits the cycling and the roads are also good enough to provide a good day cycling. There are many routes in Uttarakhand which can be used as cycling routes.

The cycling can be done with or without the help of professionals. There are few routes where you would need the help of professionals and there are few routes for amateurs. The routes can also be classified based on the length. There are many long and short distances for cycling in Uttarakhand. The proper care has to be taken for long routes, where the cyclists are escorted by guides, assistants, food etc. In short route cycling, not much preparation is needed. The short cycling routes are normally within a town or within two destinations. The cycling can also be classified based on the terrain of the routes. Many cycling routes are on plane areas and many are in the hilly areas. Uttarakhand gives all kind of cycling events because of its unique geographical location. So, step in the shoes and give us a call. We are just a number away.

There is a list of few cycling routes as follows:


Long route:-

1)Rajaji National Park to Corbett National Park

Route:- Rishikesk(Rajaji National Park)-Laldhang-Kotdwar-Ramnagar-Dhikala(Corbett National Park)

Duration:- 7 days

2)Rishikesk to nainital:-

Route:- Rishikesh-Srinagar-Karnaprayag-Gwaldam-Bageshwar-Ranikhet-Nainital

The tourists shall be brought back to Rishikesh from the last destination by vehicle.



1)  Rs. 4800/-                               Per Pax Per Day ( Min 04 Pax required)

2)  Rs. 3800/-                               Per Pax Per Day ( Min 08 Pax required)


Local cycling (Rishikesh)

1)      Kunjapuri (22 km) to and fro

2)      Neelkanth (35 km) to and fro

3)      Vasisthgufa (22 km) to and fro



1) Rs. 2000/-                               Per Pax Per Day ( Min 04 Pax required)

2) Rs. 1800/-                               Per Pax Per Day ( Min 08 Pax required)