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India has the largest conglomeration of peaks in the Himalayas. If Nanda devi, Neelkanth, Panchachuli and many more peaks are known for their towering heights there is a lone mountain called  Dronagiri which is known for  its closeness to the nation’s most reverred epic – The Ramayana. Everest in Nepal is the world’s highest peak and there is no village around it bearing the same name. Nanda Devi is the third highest peak in India without a village of its name. In fact none of the peaks have a village of the same name except Dronagiri peak, which has lent its name to a village in the vicinity.

The whole nation is familiar with the epic story of Laxman being wounded by a powerful salvo (Shakti Vaan) from Meghnath. On advice from Sushain Vaidya (Herbologist) Hanuman went to fetch the life saving herb from Dronagiri. Failing to identify the required herb, Hanuman lifted the herb filled top of the green Dronagiri and flew back to Lanka. The Vaidya identified the herb and saved Laxman’s life.

Above the Dronagiri village the mountain top actually looks chopped off and the villagers grouse at this  work of Hanuman. It is said that in the past the residents of Dronagiri abstained from any occasion where Hanuman was to be worshipped. Today the chopped mountain top is full of herbs again and old time community wounds have healed up and Hanuman Ji is held in the same respect as anywhere else in the country.

The Patanjali Yog Peeth of Haridwar is doing laudable research on Yoga and Herbal Science. A team headed by Swami Ram Dev’s senior colleague Acharya Balakrishna visited Dronagiri village in September 2008. It is reported that Yog Peeth has succeeded in finding some herbs which can be as good as life savers.

One should not mix up the snow white Dronagiri Peak (7068 mtr) with green Dronagiri village (3302 mtr). Sri Hanuman took away the green mountain top of the village and not the snow covered peak.

The trek route:

The trek to Dronagiri starts from a place called Jumma, a tranquil hamlet on Joshimath Malari road. The drive up to Jumma is along the bank of Dhauli ganga through stark rocky mountains with a sudden change at Jumma which is totally green. The trek begins with crossing of sparkling Dhauli ganga on a suspension bridge which to the excitement of new comers  swings in the cool breeze.


Place Height (feet) Distance (km) Distance (km) Progressive 
Joshimath 6300
Jumma 7500 45 45 motor
Rwing 7850 3 3 trek 
Dronagiri village 12000 7 10 trek


Dronagiri peak is not visible from the village. One has to go about 2 kms ahead to a place called the Dhaar, a gentle walk from where the mountain is seen just across. And if you are looking for a greater thrill, a 4 km trek can take you to “Nandi Kund” from where you can see the array of mountains at arms stretch. To name some, they are Dronagiri East, Changa Banga, Hardeval, Trishuli, Kalanka and many more.

Snake God is worshiped here… read more.

And whats in the mountains – jungles, peaks, meadows, glaciers, wild life and wild romance. If your heart is not filled take a trip to Bagni Bugyal (meadows 4420mtr) which is at a distance of 8 kms. Here you are on the top of the world and the only thing higher is the blue canopy of the sky. The peaks have been dwarfed, the jungles left behind. And if you have brought some luck,  you may see the musk deer sprinkling sweet ensence around or may be the colourful monal or the spotless white snow cock.

All high altitude locations are known for wild life shy to come down to lower heights. The areas around Dronagiri are rich for musk deer , baral, ibex and some not much known  and not much seen species. Its only good luck and good temperament that comes to your side.

How to reach Dronagiri Parvat from New Delhi:

You can take bus / train / taxi from New Delhi to Rishikesh.

1st day: Rishikesh to Joshimath (250 km motor road)

2nd day: Joshimath – Jumma(45 km motor) – Rwing (3 km trek)

3rd day: Rwing – Dronagiri village (7 km trek)

4th day: Dronagiri village to Nandikund base camp (4 km trek) 

5th day: Nandikund -Dronagiri Mountain – Nandikund base camp (7 km trek )

6th day: Nandikund to Rwing (11 km trek)

7 day: Rwing to Joshimath (3 km trek and 45 km motor road)

8th day: Joshimath to Rishikesh (250 km)

The journey from Rishikesh to New Delhi can be undertaken by night train or bus.

Cost of the package: Rs. 16,900/- per person (minimum 4 pax).

The package would include 3 times meal a day, porters, guide, tent stay. The package tour starts from day one and ends with departure on 8th day till dropping at Rishikesh.

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