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combine_imagesGangotri shrine closing ceremony – 2016 (1st November, 2016): The temple Gangotri – one of the famous Char Dham shrines – got closed on Monday (31st October, 2016) for the winter season. The other three shrines – Yamunotri, Kedarnath will be closed on 1st November and Badrinath will be closed on  16th November.  Gangotri is located in Uttarakhand around 300 km north-east of Dehradun. Gangotri is the seat of Ganga Goddess, and the temple for Ganga  Goddess was built by an adventurous General Amar Thapa. The origin of Ganga is 18 km uphill at  Gaumukh from Gangotri.

The portal was closed down amid vedic chants and traditional rituals carried by the priests and followers. After the completion of closure, the Godess was carried on palanquin for Mukhba village (the winter seat of Gangotri) in the presence of the devotees and the priests. The Goddess shall be installed at Mukhba village on Tuesday (1st November, 2016) for worship. The deity is worshiped for another six months at Mukhba village. The other three deities are also moved to other places where they are worshipped until the kapats are again opened after winter.

On Tuesday (1st November), the Palanquin of Lord Kedar’s idol shall be carried to Onkareshwar temple located in Ukhimath, Rudraprayag District, where it will be installed on 3rd November for worship.  The Goddess Yamuna will be shifted from Yamunotri to Kharsali on November 1st and installed on same day.

This year, a total of 13.92 lakh pilgrims visited the four pilgrimages till 30th October. The detailed division of the pilgrims is shown below:

Badrinath                                            6.35 lakh

Kedarnath                                           3.09 lakh

Gangotri                                              2.87 lakh

Yamunotri                                           1.60 lakh

The total number of the pilgrims in 2014 was only 2.81 lakh for all the four shrines (Char Dham).

The opening dates for the year 2016 of the following Char Dham shrines are as follows:

Yamunotri : 09th  May  

Gangotri: 09th  May  

Kedaranth: 09th  May

Badrinath : 11th May

The closing dates for the year 2016 of the following Char Dham shrines are as follows:

Yamunotri : 01st November

Gangotri: 01st November

Kedaranth: 01st  November

Badrinath: 16th November

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 Few famous places are shown below:


The Char Dhams of Uttarakhand
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