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 Introduction :

Gaumukh – Tapovan – Nandanvan trek is more than 50 km. The trek starts from Gangotri with full of unexpected delights. Chirbasa, 9 km from Gangotri, an excellent spot to catch a glimpse of Gaumukh.

Location: District – Uttarakashi, India

Grade: Tough


Itinerary :

1st day: Rishikesh to Uttarakashi ( 168 km motor road)

2nd day :  Uttarakashi to Gangotri ( 97 km motor road)

3rd day: Gangotri to Bhojbasa ( 13 km trek)

4th day : Bhojbasa- Gaumukh – Tapovan ( 10 km trek)

5th day: Tapovan to Nandanvan ( 8 km trek)

6th day: Nandanvan to Bhojbasa ( 12 km )

7th day : Bhojbasa to Uttarakashi ( 13 km trek,97 km road)

8th day : Back to Rishikesh ( 168 km motor road)

 1st day : Rishikesh to Uttarakashi (168 km motor road)
 2nd day : Uttarakashi to Gangotri (97 km motor road)
 3rd day : Gangotri – Bhojbasa (13 km trek)

base camp

Before arriving at Gaumukh, one passes through a little place called Bhojbasa, where there is a forest of Bhoj-Patra trees. The paper like bark of this tree is called Bhoj Patra, which can be recovered from the tree stem in several thin layers. In ancient times Bhoj Patra was used for writing purposes which was later substituted by paper. The local people even now have several uses for it, especially as Pooja containers, packaging etc. All along the route the mesmerising view of Bhagirathi peaks keep inviting the travellers. The first night tent stay shall be at Bhojbasa.

 4th day : Bhojbasa to Gaumukh (13 km trek)

Gaukukh glacier


Camping base

As you approach Gaumukh, the towering peak of Shivling on the right tends to keep one hypnotised. While the Bhagirathi peaks look in massive formations in the northern gap, Shivling as its name connotes looks a vertical ling in a conical shape, which is simply beautiful. Set in the heart of the Gangotri Peaks, the Gaumukh Glacier offers a mesmerising sight,  in shades of blue and green with glistening white icebergs floating in the just emerging Ganga, a common feature in June and July.

The Gangotri Glacier, which is situated at a height of 4255 meters above sea-level, is nearly 24 km in length and 6 to 8 km in width.  It starts from Gaumukh and extends as far as Chaukhamba cluster of snow peaks, in the neighbourhood of Sri Badrinath.  Almost 16-km northeast of Gangotri, Gaumukh is the generally accepted source of the Ganga, which at this point is a huge forceful river that rushes out of the snout. This snout has the appearance of the mouth of a yawning cow and hence the name Gaumukh (cow’s mouth).

From Gaumukh, further trek to Tapovan shall end the day’s trek and overnight stay. Along the route, one can also see herds of bharal ( mountain goats).

 5th day : Tapovan to Nandanvan  (13 km trek)


Along the trekking, it has to taken care of the terrain. The surface may be very slippery and dangerous, so its advisable to tread slowly with the help of guide always. The overnight stay shall be done at Nandanvan.

 6th day : Nandanvan to bhojbasa  (13 km trek)


Early morning breakfast followed by an easy trek till Bhojbasa and overnight stay there.


 7th day : Bhojbasa to Uttarakashi

A trek till Gangotri and further 97 km motor road to Uttarakashi for night stay.


 8th day : Uttarakashi to Rishikesh

It is around 6-7 hours journey to reach the destination. 


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