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Hemkund Sahib and Valley of Flowers are inseparable: The Indian philosophy, more precisely the Hindu way of thinking, perhaps the oldest in the world, revolves round the principal of Prakriti (nature) and Purush (the creator). The creator with the help of nature created the universe and the presence of creator in the form of Gods and the presence of nature in the form of goddesses is accepted by the system. And in the same way the creator seems to have created is best in the form of Sri Hemkund Sahib and The Valley of Flowers. This you will find true when you visit the area in the months of July and August. The upper Himalayan belt of Kashmir, Himachal, Garhwal, Kumaon, Nepal, and Bhutan are known for high altitude meadows, valleys, glaciers and peaks, and also for several temples of Gods and Goddesses. Bhai Bir Singh, a resourceful Sikh from Amritsar, had sent teams to several Himalayan areas in search of the Sapta Shring, the place of Guru’s meditation, without any success. It was another explorer Pt. Tara Singh Narottam, who discovered Sri Hemkund Sahib, where the first small Gurudwara was constructed with the resources from Bhai Bir Singh. As it is, Uttarakhand was always known for temples of Gods and Goddesses, it was just a divine coincidence that Hemkund Sahib was also discovered in a land which was already known for the sacred shrines of Sri Badrinath and Sri Kedarnath Valley of Flowers is an inseparable part of the sacred domain of Sri Hemkund Sahib.The entire valley from Govind ghat to Sri Hemkund Sahib and The Valley of Flowers is a unique chapter in our ecosystem. It is our duty to preserve this heritage for posterity and work for its preservation by keeping the area clean and undisturbed with all sincerity and dedication.

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