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HemkundHemkund sahib opening date 2017 (4th March 2017): The Hemkund Sahib Shrine considered as the fifth Dham of Uttarakhand along with Lokpal Lakshaman Temple shall open on 25th May this year. The committee of Gurudwara Govindghat led by the manager Mr. Seva Singh declared the date after taking a visual inspection of the site. Mr. Seva Singh told, there is snow in Hemkund Sahib but not much of snow on the way to the shrine. However, the path to Hemkund Sahib will be cleared before 25th of May and the snow will be also be cleared along the path. Mr. Seva Singh told that the closing date of the shrine shall be 10th October, 2017.

Every year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims visit this sacred shine from all around the world. The pilgrimage is a shrine where Guru Govind Singh meditated and made this place a place of worship for Sikhs, though the people of all religions visit this magnificent place located above 4000 m msl.  

The motor head for Sri Hemkund Sahib is Govind Ghat…………. read more.

Hemkund Sahib closing date 2017……………….. read more.

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