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High Altitude meadows of Auli & Gorson

Disected by a run of rich forests, Auli and Gorson are the twin meadows on the roof of Joshimath at heights ranging from 8500 ft to 13000 ft. These meadows become joyous trekking spots during summer and thrilling winter sports during winters.  Of late Auli has emerged as a popular resort for skiing and snow gliding as barring some rare occasions, these meadows witness snow fall to visitors heart fill. Auli doesn’t have adequate accommodation facilities during peak seasons but can be approached from Joshimath by a 14 km long motor road or a long ropeway on day to day basis.

Discovery of an English man.

In the forties a tall English man was often seen around Joshimath with a pair of queer horn-shaped bamboo poles. Inquiries revealed his name to be Mr. Vernedy , Deputy Commissioner of  Pauri  Garhwal.

Observations showed him as a crazy man, a man who was obviously enamored by the snow and reveled in it. He appeared insane to the snow tired locals whose lives were made miserable by the heavy snow drifts. The English man’s passion for gliding on his odd pair of shoe-horns made locals believe that he was insane so much so that at times the school boys hooted on him around Joshimath and chased him to snow bound Auli . But fortunately the English man was totally sane. He was the first person to discover Joshimath as a base for skiing at Auli, a perfect ski resort now. The bamboos were a pair of skis, a well known and familiar out-fit to children of today.

Mr. K.S.Fonia, a middle school student at Joshimath those days of nineteen forties, did not forget  Vernedy’s  ventures when he became the General Manager of U.P. hill Development Corporation during nineteen seventies, and endevoured to make Vernedy’s  dream come true. A ropeway was planned to connect Auli to Joshimath with the help of Triveni Structurals  Ltd (TSL)  Allahabad, who in turn arranged for expertise from Vohest Alpine Ltd Viana Austria. One Austrian expert visited Auli and declared that Auli has some of the best slopes for national and international events. Under Vohest Alpines expertise, TSL erected the ropeway and the Hill development corporation developed the twin meadows in to a popular ski resort by creating accommodation facilities, ski lifts and sightseeing chairlifts.

As on date Auli and Gorson have come up as popular ski resort during winters and trekking spots during summer. In addition excellent views of several peaks including Nanda Devi, Neelkanth are available on clear days. Dream Mountains can organize trekking, gliding, skiing in the area.   


Auli the skiing


Distance of Auli from Delhi
Place Altitude (m) Distance point to point / Progressive (km)
Delhi 293
Rishikesh 340 230 /230
Srinagar 579 105 /435
Rudraprayag 610 34 / 469
Chamoli 1069 63 / 532
Joshimath 1890 48 / 580
Auli 2744 14 / 594
Total 594 km  from Delhi


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