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38 km from Almora at 1870 mtr above sea-level, this is an important Shiva Shrine.  For 34 km up to Artola, the route follows the main highway going to Pithoragarh.  At Artola, the road branches off to Jageshwar. The enjoyable drive of 4 km is through a beautiful narrow valley of deodars and blue pines. It is generally believed that there were nearly 124 temples of different dimensions here of which only 4 or 5 temples were used for regular worship. It is a local belief  that in the Hindu pantheon, the worship of Lord Siva in the form of a shivling started from here. Most of the temples date back to the thirteenth century A.D. The Bal Jageshwar Temple is believed to have been constructed by King Salivahan of Ayodhya. The Mritunjaya temple, nearest to the entry-point of the complex, is said to have been constructed by King Vikramaditya. Except for these popular beliefs, not much is known about other temples in the area.

            About one kilometre from Jageshwar, there is the ancient Temple of Dandeshwar Mahadev and in its architectural style, it appears to be typical of the medieval age, except for the constraints in sculputural ornamentation.  The temple housed a large number of statues, many of which lay scattered around and uncared for, for many years.  Most of the statues of artistic value have now been preserved in a small museum nearby.

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