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joshimathJoshimath, best time to visit (19th March, 2016) : Joshimath name is derived from the word “Jyotirmath”, which means divine light. It is said that Sankracharya achieved enlightenment here at Joshimath,  hence the name “Jyotirmath” came into existence. Joshimath is well connected town and the tourists visit here round the season. During summer, the pilgrims of Badrinath are seen in the market and the hotels of Joshimath. In rainy season, the pilgrims of the Hemkund Sahib and the tourists of the valley of flowers stay overnight in Joshimath. The other destinations from Joshimath are the famous Auli, Kuari pass, Kagbhusandi lake, Satopanth lake etc.

There are certain other places near Joshimath which are unexplored but very interesting and have very high religious and historical values. These important places are Bhavisya Badri, Niti village, Dronagiri parvat, Pandukeshwar etc.

Bahvishya Badri is said to be the seat of Lord Vishnu in the future when Kalyug ends. The ending of Kalyug is also correlated with the temple Narsingh and it is said that in future when one arm of Narsingh breaks, then Kalyug will end. The end of the Kalyug will start with the collapse of the Jay and Vijay mountains.  

Similarly, the Dronagiri parvat is alos very interesting place which is related with Ramayana. Dronagiri parvat is said to be the mountain where from Hanuman brought Sanjivini bootee for wounded Laxman.

The other places like Niti village is last village of India touching the border of China and Pandukeshwar is the winter seat of lord Badrinath. There are many other places of interests like Lata – Rini villages, Tapovan hot water spring, Malaria village, Gorson meadow etc.

To reach Joshimath, one has to follow the motor route from Rishikesh. It is around 250 km an takes 10 hours to reach Joshimath from Rishikesh. Rishikesh is around 220 km from Delhi One can also travel by train till Haridwar and then by motor road. The distance between Haridwar and Rishikesh is 25 km. The air route can also be opted for the journey till Jollygrant. The distance between Jollygrant and Rishikesh is around 20 km.

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