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Kagbhusandi lake is located in the lap of Hathi Parvat (6709 m) at a height of 5090 meters. According to local legend the lake is so named IMG_20150719_085130because a large number of crows go to this site to die.  In Sanskrit Kag means crow. Visitors have occasionally seen the feathers of crows in the vicinity but they have not seen any crow dying. At Bhyundar one has to abandon the route to the Valley of Flowers, and take the one going on to another valley on the right  after crossing Laxman Ganga. This difficult trek to Kagbhushandi lake, is by passing through beautiful forests, meadows and glaciers. The entire area is bedecked with flowers during the summer months. The route is not well maintained and the paths are difficult rivulets along the way may need to be crossed by makeshift log bridges.


Place Altitude (m) Distance (km)
Joshimath 1890
Govindghat 1829 20 motorable
Bhyundar 2439 10 trek
Rikh Odyar 2750 4 trek
Simtoli Kharak 3030 4 trek
Nagtoli 3200 3 trek
Dangar Kharak 3530 3 trek
Raj Kharak 4500 3 trek
Kun Kun khal 5454 4 trek
 Kagbhushandi lake 5090 1 trek

kag1The above trek is standard trek and may be altered for different options. It is therefore necessary to take all the safety measures and proper homework before the start of the trek. Please note that the fourth place shown in the above route reads “Rikh Odyar”. Rikh in local dialect means a black bear and odyar means a cave. This does not mean that the rikh is waiting to be seen, but trekkers are often lucky and if you too come in that catagory, you too may bump into some wild life including a rikh at or around this point.

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