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          The Khatling Glacier is a lateral glacier, from the centre of which bubbles out the River Bhilangana.  It is said that a beautiful Bhil maiden tried to win a consort in the meditating Shiva, and having been spurned by Him melted into liquid, which in turn became the river Bhilangana.          Nature has bestowed her bounty on the Vale of Bhilangana in abundance, and the green pasture lands are ideal camping sites and richly captivating. The Khatling glacier and the Bhilangana source are so beautiful that the puranic story of Bhil maidan comes to life when you visit the area and see the land from Kalyani to Khatling.

         The Khatling Glacier is at the foot of the giant hanging glaciers of Ratangiana, Jogin, and Phating.  The moraines on the sides of the glaciers look like standing walls of gravel and mud.  A semi-frozen lake, called Bhil Sarovar, is the central point on one of the moraines.  The flat tops of these moraines and the Kunali bugyals are excellent pasture lands during the summer and the rains.

          The snow peaks atop the glacier are the Jogin group (6466 mtr), Sphetic Prishtwan (6905 mtr), Kirti Stambh (6402 mtr), Barte Kanta (6579 mtr), Meru etc.  The most outstanding is Spehtic Prishtwan, made of white quartz, which from a distance dazzles like crystal white snow.

The Trek to the Khatling Glacier :

          The trek to the Khatling Glacier starts from Ghuttu, the last bus terminus, which can be approached from the railhead at Rishikesh and Dehra Dun via New Tehri. Motor road from Ghuttu to Reeh is under construction. It will be in order if the road goes upto Gangi village as the trekkers world becomes more captivating ahead of Gangi only. With motors going upto Gangi , trekkers will save time for the entrancing meadows. But there appears no reason for the road to go beyond.

          The entire trekking route is studded with dense green forests and delightful meadows – excellent spots for camping.  At intervals, majestic, towering water-falls produce dazzling effects as they shower across one’s path.  Trekkers are often required to cross the rippling waters of the numerous streams, on log bridges and that itself becomes  the real thrill.

         The area is full of wild life but the high altitude goats are not so easy to see. However the beautiful multicoloured munal is more often seen in pairs.

          Gangi is the last village in the valley, and to many, its inhabitants look still very much cut off from rest of the world.  Life style of Gangi villagers is that of typical highlanders, who are used to seeing tons of snow and conifers, and who dread the heat of lower plains as a menace to life. By nature they are simple and very good. The pristine beauty of nature remains preserved in very few places in the Himalayas and Khatling is one such place, just because there is no human habitation beyond Gangi. The last village on the route is Gangi.



Place                    Altitude (mtr)                Distance (km)     



New Tehri            1570                           —

Ghansali               976                       64 motorable                         

Ghuttu                 1524                     31 motorable

Reeh                     2134                     10 trek

Gangi                   2591                     10 trek                              

Kalyani                 2683                     5 trek         

Biroda                  2744                     2 trek         

Kharsoli                2896                     7 ½ trek

Pachari                 2896                     ½ trek        

Naumuthi             2975                     1½  trek                    

Bhelbagi               3110                     1 ½ trek                              

Bhumka               3210                     3 trek

Tamakund            3415                     3 trek         

Khatling Glacier   3658                     3 trek



             The Bhilangana Valley is good enough to entice the trekkers to stay longer. Infact all high altitude meadows are valleys of flowers during the summer, more so during the rains and Bhilangan Valley proves it true. In addition to flora and fauna, the valley abounds in large and small lakes  and two of them , Sahashra Tal and Masar Tal can fit well in the package of two to three more days in the area.

           The trek to Sahshra Tal, a celestial lake with a circumference of nearly 1.5 km and located at a height of 4570 mtr, bifurcates from Kalyani. The 10 km trek is steep and through thick woods.

            On the other hand Masar Tal  at a height of 3680 mtr is about 5 km from Khatling glacier.

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