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A place of archaeological importance, Lakhamandal is nearly 55 km from Chakrata and 76 km from Mussoorie.

This is a place of archaeological importance.The scattered ruins of some ancient temples and a large number of shivlingas made of shining grey  granite-like stones are the main attraction. Some of the shivlingas are of great interest in the sense that if you pour some water on top of the shivlinga, it will shine like a mirror and you will see yourself in it.

The temples are dedicated to Shiva, the five Pandavas and Parshuram. Some idols have been shifted to a temporary museum for safety reasons by the archaeological department. Local mythology identifies Lakhamandal with the epic Laxagriha (House of Wax) which was made by Druyodhana in a conspiracy to kill the Pandavas. 

  Few famous places are shown below:


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