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Situated at a height of 1706 meters above sea level, Lohaghat is a small beautiful hill station. Surrounded by thick green deodar forests, it can serve as an ideal health resort and an ideal place for peaceful holiday. The Vanasur Fort of some historical and mythological importance is located at about 7km by bus and then 2km by trek. There are several places of tourists interest in and around Lohaghat prominent among them are Maywati Ashram and Meetha Reetha Sahib.

 Mayawati Ashram – off the route

  As we go from Champawat to Lohaghat, only a little distance before the Lohaghat bus stand a 9 kilometres road bifurcates to a place called Mayawati Ashram which directs our memory back to the great exponent of Indian philosophy – Swami Vivekanand. Swami had once said that if  Himalayas are taken out of the Indian spiritual world, then nothing will remain of it. It was this thinking that after returning from a successful tour of America Swami ji wanted to set up an Advait Ashram in India and for that purpose he chose the Himalayas. The site for this  Ashram was chosen by Swami ji and his Swiss desciple friend Captain Czevier in 1898 and is now known as Mayawati Advait Ashram. Situated at a height of 1840 mtrs the Ashram has a total land area of 25 square kilometres and attracts a large number of followers and nature lovers all the time.

Side Excursion to Meetha Reetha Sahib – off the route

 At 20 km on the Devi Dhura road at a place called Dhuna ghat the road bifurcates to the Sikh shrine of Meetha Reetha Sahib which is 44km from the bifurcation point Dhuna Ghat and 64 km from Lohaghat. The Hindu way of spritual knowledge and its attainment has been very liberal. During the mediaval age the Gorakh Panthi sect like Jainism or Sikhism became a way of life.  Meetha Reetha became the centre of Gorakh Panthies. It was almost the same time that Guru Nanak advocated Sikhism within the Hindu fold. In order to strengthen one of the two new faiths, Guru Nanak is said to have come to this place for spiritual doscourses to decide as why the two Panths can not go together and merge into one. What transpired between them is a thing of past but a Gurudwara was built in 1960 to commemorate Guru’s visit to this place, where a fair is annually held on the day of Baisakh Poornima. 

 Abbott Mount – off the route

          Driving on to Pithoragarh at 5 kms from Lohaghat a road branches off to the right, climbing  for nearly 3 kms to a gem set in the mountains called Abbott Mount. Britishers had the knack for choosing the best of places for their residences. One John Harold Abbott came all the way from Jhansi and selected this beautiful stretch of Himalayan vista at a height of 6800 ft for his settlement. A few huts constructed by him tell the tale of the wide open grassy land on the hill top and the majestic peaks in the northern horizon that would have made Abbott’s dream come true. This very place is now called Abbott Mount.

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