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1st day : Rshikesh to Ukhimath (180 km motor road )

2nd day : Ukhimath to Ransi ( 31 km road) to Madmaheshwar (14 km trek)

3rd day : Madmaheshwar to Ukhimath 

4th day : Ukhimath to Rishikesh 

If the trek has to be followed the route consisting the following places :

Madhyamaheshwar-Kachani Tal- Pandav Sera -Nandi Kund – Manpai – Bansi Narayan – Salna – Helong.

Another 6 days shall be included and the motor head shall be Salna / Helong. 

Legend has it that Lord Shiva, unwilling to give darshan to the Pandavas who had killed their own kinsmen, the Kauravas, dived into the earth at Kedarnath and His naval portion reappeared at Madamaheshwar. Madmheshwar is therefore one of the Panch Kedars, meaning one of the five Shiva shrines. The temple opens some time very close to the day when the temples of Sri Kedarnath and Sri Badrinath open and closes for winters on dates fixed by the pujaries. During the winters Lord Madmheshwar moves down to Ukhimath and is worshipped in the temple of Lord Onkareshwar.

Madma 1

It is an interesting trek to the Temple of Lord Shiva which is situated at a great height.  The temple similar but smaller than Sri Kedarnath temple is located in beautiful surroundings. It is not known as who built it but it certainly is an example of great devotion the royalties had in Uttarakhand shrines. The trek starts from Guptakashi and passes through the famous Sidha Pith of Kalimath.  It is a pathway of unparalleled scenic beauty with the magnificent snow capped, peaks of Chaukhamba, Kedarnath and Nilkanth soaring up to the Heavens.  There are three options for going to Madmaheshwar from Guptakashi or Ukhimath and two depicted:-

1. Those who may enjoy walking all the way from Guptakashi to Madmaheshwar without caring for a motor ride and interested in an opportunity for paying obeisance at the feet of Goddess Durga at Kalimath.


Place Altitude (m) Distance (km)
Guptakashi 1479
Kalimath 1463 7 by trek
Ransi 1765 5 by trek
Gaundar 2073 5 by trek
Madmaheshwar 3289 9 by trek


2. Those who may like to skip Kalimath and want to walk a minimum distance, for them the easiest  way now is  to drive to Ukhimath and then to Mansoona, from where a motor road is under construction  to Gaundar. Presently it is possible to go by jeep or sturdy vehicles up to Uniana or some distance ahead towards Ransi.

Place Altitude (m) Distance (km)
Rudraprayag 610
Kund 976 34 by motor
Ukhimath 1311 7 by motor
Mansoona 1479 8 by motor
Uniana 1463 10 by motor
Ransi 1765 3 by motor
Gaundar 2073 5 by trek
Madmaheshwar 3289 9 by trek


The trek from Madhyamaheshwar to Kachani dhar is 10 km whereas further 2 km is Kachani Tal. Kachani Tal is a beautiful blue green lake. From Kachani Tal the distance of Pandav  Sera is 14km . The legend says that the Pandavas stayed here and cultivated the fields.

After moving from  Pandav Sera, 6 km ahead lies Nandi kund. After Nandi Kund the trek is as follows:


Nandi Kund to Manpai bugyal 13 km trek (overnight stay)
Manpai bugyal to Bansi Narayan 9 km trek(overnight stay)
Bansi Narayana to Salna 14 km trek (Helong is 12 km by road from Salna, )


From Helong (on national highway) first big town is Chamoli towards Rishikesh, and Joshimath towards Badrinath.

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