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Medical assistance on Kedarnath route (6th May, 2016): The Kedarnath yatra, for those who are above 50 years, can be done by the people who are physically fit. The sick people shall not be allowed to travel this Dham. The people having the age of 50 yrs. and above shall have to undergo the tests for blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and asthma at Guptakashi, Phata, Soneprayag, and Janki chatty. The doctors shall prescribe medicines to the pilgrims at the mentioned places. If the pilgrims are sick then they shall be allowed to move further only when they recover, otherwise they will not be allowed to proceed further.

In order to keep the Kedarnath journey safe and secure, the Uttarakhand health department has decided to post 118 doctors along the route. In the total number of 118, 64 are specialists and 54 are general physicians. Along the Kedarnath route, a total number of 12 temporary hospitals have been constructed to look after the medical needs of the pilgrims. The hospitals shall also be equipped with oxygen cylinders, medicines and other associated emergency medical assistance.

In order to make the journey safe and secure, in addition to medical assistance, the food sampling and checking shall be done on regular basis to provide the food and beverages free of adulteration. This stringent action is being take on the trek to Kedarnath to avoid any mishaps or casualties due to consumption of food or beverages.

The Kedarnath trek is considered one of the longest famous treks in Uttarakhand. The climatic condition at Kedarnath is very cold and due to its location at a remote place, it is very difficult to get the access to modern amenities in Kedarnath.  The oxygen level at Kedarnath reduces and many people are not able to acclimatize to the environment which causes problem to the pilgrims. After many years’ observation, it has been seen that the Kedarnath shrine is one of the Char Cham shrines where special attention is needed to all the pilgrims.

The Char Dhams of Uttarakhand