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Nearly 56 km from Rudrapur on the way to Tanakpur is located the Sikh shrine known as Nanak Matta. Tanakpur the rail head for eastern Kumaon is another 37 km ahead. A historic gurudwara here is visited by several believers every day. Close by is the beautiful Nanak Sagar dam lake for holiday makers. The visitors can stay in the gurudwara, tourist bungalow and some guest houses.

             Guru Nanak was born on 15th April 1469 in village Talwandi some 50 km west of Lahore in now Pakistan. This village later came to be known as Nanakana Sahib. From childhood Guru Nanak loved singing the devotional songs. In school he was proficient in all what text books and the teachers had to teach. He once told his teacher that without knowing the God, all other knowledge was meaningless. He never believed in casteism, a  system that had already weakened the fabrics of Hindu society. He also shunned ritualism as vain practices and  believed only in God and in doing good to mankind. As he grew in age he travelled from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Macca to Mansarovar in search of God and to propagate the path of righteousness. Those days Gorakhpanthies were propagating their own faith and Guru Nanak had long discourses with them at several places. Guru went to a place called Gorakhmatta where he had religious discourses  with the Gorakhpanthi saints. The Gorakhpanthis are believed to have submitted to his views and the centre came to be known as Nanakmatta.

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