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Skiing is a very adventurous sport and needs physical fitness. You have to make it sure that a minimum level of physical fitness is required to reduce the chances of injuries while skiing. At least one month’s  training is needed in the gym, strengthening the quadriceps, calves, abs and arms. Run or jog for 20 minutes thrice a week for a month continuously.

Clothes : Your body should be kept warm using recommended clothing items. Wear warm long inners under your clothes and wind proof pants and an anorak on top. Keep a pair of woolen gloves that can be worn inside the ski mittens.  The socks should be woolen and dry inside warm and dry boots.

Head: The most crucial part of your body is your head. Head loses heat very fast, so make sure to cover your head with proper cap. The cap should be long enough to cover your ear and neck.

Protecting your eyes: Constant exposure to the snow may lead to snow blindness, which is very painful. Never forget to wear sunglasses. The goggles can be bought or taken on rent.

Skin protection: At higher altitude, where snow skiing is done, more than 9500 ft. or above, the air gets thin and lets a greater quantum of ultra violet rays enter the atmosphere.  The glare and the bounce of the snow also creates the problem. Apply sunblock and high – SPF lip balm.

Drinking habits: At higher altitude, it is recommended to drink plenty of water / juice. You should avoid alcohol and caffeine which cause dehydration. Always carry water bottle. Don’t eat snow – it may contain harmful bacteria which may cause you health problem.



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