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World Tourism Day (26th Sep 2015) : NEW DELHI: The ministry of culture on Saturday declared free entry for tourists to almost two hundred ticketed monuments and museums across India except Bihar as a neighbourhood of the World tourism Day’s celebration on Sunday….. read more
Vridha and Narsingh temples (26th Sep 2015) : Vridha and Narsingh temples are very important temples in Badri – Ksetra. Vridha temple got its name because lord Vishnu appeared at that place in the form of an old man when Narad was performing penance. The idol was that of an old man…… read more
Langurs in Uttarakhand (26th Sep 2015) : Uttarakhand is known for its variety of flora and fauna. One of the species which is very common in Uttarakhand is langur. The langurs can be found in Tarai region and in thick oak forests. They feed on fruits, seeds, leaves. The chief food is acorn, found….. read more
Wax museum in Mussoorie (26th Sep 2015) : Mussoorie adds one more attraction in its list. The new attraction is the opening of a wax museum in company garden on the outskirts of Mussoorie. Presently, there are only three wax museums in India. These other three museums are located in Kolkata, Kanyakumari and Lonavla…… read more
Dhyan and Ardha Badri (25th Sep 2015): Uttrakahnd is the place where one can find many endless legendary stories of God and Goddesses. The lord Vishnu meditated in Badrinath and the association of the name is very interesting. The area from Nand prayag to Satopant is known as Badri – Kshetra… more.
Kalsi edict in Uttarakhand (25th Sep 2015): The great Ashoka had erected many rock edicts for the purpose to spread the message to the people about administration, religion, ethics etc. These edicts can be found at many places in Indian subcontinent. One of these edicts is located in Uttrakhand.….. read more
Elephant safety in Uttarakhand (21st Sep 2015) : The elephants in India get victim to the trains while crossing the railway track. In Uttrakhand, there has not been even a single case of death of any elephant due to collision with train for last 10 years. This achievement has been made by developing….. read more
Nanda Devi Sanctuary (21st Sep 2015) : Nanda Devi sanctuary periphery trek is one of the most sought after and famous treks in Uttarakhand. The trek is undertaken after getting permission from the forest department. Before 1983, the trekkers were allowed to go inside the   sanctuary…… read more
Declining population of tigers at Raja ji National park, Uttarakhand (17th Sep 2015) : The forest department officials have decided to translocate the male tiger to the western part of the Raja ji national park. This part has only two tigress and no tiger, so if no remedy is taken the tiger population will vanish from here…… read more
Central assistance for Ardh Kumbh (15th Sep 2015) : The Chief Minister of Uttarakhand has demanded Rs. 500 crore from central government for Ardh Kumbh mela which is about to start from January 2016 and will last till  April 2016. The event is expecting 7-8 crore people participating during this period…… read more
Kedarnath restoration work (15th Sep 2015): Kedarnath restoration work is on progress. After two years of disaster in Kedarnath (Jun 2013), the restoration work is being done continuously. Even after two years of this incident, the memories of this tragedy is still haunting many……. read more
Lion safari in Uttarakhand (15th Sep 2015) : Uttarakhand government has sent a report to Central Zoo Authority for the establishment of site for wildlife safari which would include Lion, tiger etc. The proposed site is Haldwani in Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The lions shall be brought from Gujarat……. read more
Yoga and herbal villages in Uttarakhand (14th Sep 2015): The government of Uttarakhand has decided to develop 13 yoga and herbal villages. The selected villages are Gairsain in Chamoli, Sarnol and Harsil in Uttarakashi, Hanol and Devvan in Dehradun, Mayawati in Champawat, Munsyari…… read more
Mountain marathon in Nainital (14th Sep 2015) : In Nainital a gathering of more than 500 local residents as well as enthusiasts organised ‘Mountain Marathon’, at Pant park on this Sunday (13th Sep 2015). This marathon is 21 km long, which started at 7 AM early morning.  According to the organisers…… read more
Yogdhyan Badri in Uttrakhand (14th Sep 2015) : Yogdhyan Badri is one of the Sapta Badri temples. The temple is located at Pandukeshwar village near Govind Ghat in the district Chamoli of Uttarakhand. The word Yogdhyan was driven from word meditation. King Pandu meditated at this place…… read more
Ardh Kumbh mela(14th Sep 2015) : The Ardh kumbh mela in Haridwar is starting from January 2016. There are fixed auspicious days for holy bath during the adrdh kumbh mela. During these certain days, special trains shall be run.  The decision of running these trains was taken in a meeting…… read more
Trek expedition to satopant (14th Sep 2015): A trek expedition to Mt Saptopanth has been lanched which would pass through mountainous areas of Badrinath, Mana, Satopanth and Swargarohini. The expedition shall not only trek the route but also cleanup the surrounding area.…… read more
Tourism flow in Aug’ 2015 (13th Sep 2015) : This year in the month of August 2015, India witnessed 5.89 lakh foreign tourists, which is 2.3% jump from the previous year. The maximum number of tourists, who visited during this period were from Bangladesh followed by the USA and Britain……. read more
Dehradun Book Fair (13th Sep 2015) : The Dehradun book fair was launched by the Governor of the state on saturday (12th Sep 2015) at parade ground. The fair shall continue till 20th September 2015. The Governor said that the fair shall attract the people and the publishing industry…… read more
Wi-fi in Mussoorie (13th Sep 2015): With the commencement of free wi-fi in Mussoorie from September 02, 2015, the night life of the hill station has changed. In previous times, the night life used to be dull after 9 PM and you could find very few people roaming. But with the free wi-fi internet…… read more
Master plan for Tehri lake (13th Sep 2015) : Uttarakhand government is planning to make Tehri lake an international destination. It has an area of 42 sq. km. which is bigger than Dal lake.  The preliminary feasibility report has been submitted by the IL & FS’s Infrastructure Development Corporation (IIDC)…….read more
Adi Badri, Uttarakhand (12th Sep 2015) : Adi Badri is located in the district Chamoli of Uttarakhand., 17 km from Karnaprayg. This temple is dedicated to Vishnu Bhagwan and one of the Sapt Badri in Badri – ksetra. The primary temple among the Sapt Badri is Badrinath. According to religious texts…… read more
The Campaign Clean India (11th Sep 2015): The ”Campaign Clean India’ has been launched in order to keep the places clean and hygienic particularly the monuments and tourists destinations. The participation of the public and private sectors in this campaign is very much appreciable…… read more
Musk deer, the endangered species (11th Sep 2015) : Musk deer is the state animal of Uttarakhand. The name of this deer in Hindi is Kusturi Mirg. Musk deer belongs to the family Moschidae and is more primitive than true deer (cervids) because of the reason that they lack antlers and facial glands…… read more
Bhavishya Badri in Uttarakhand (9th Sep 2015) : The group of  seven Vishnu temples is known as Sapt Badri. The most prime Vishnu temple is Badrinath and remaining are 1) Adi Badri 2) Vridha Badri 3) Dhyan Badri 4) Ardha Badri 5) Bhavishya Badri and 6) Yogdhyan Badri……. read more
River rafting in Rishikesh (8th Sep 2015) : There is a new turn in the matter of river rafting in Rishikesh. The NGO complaining regarding this matter to National Green Tribunal has asked not to close rafting but camping along the river. In chairmanship of Justice S. Kumar, the NGO told that the surrounding areas……. read more
Renovation and up gradation of GMVN tourist rest houses (7th Sep 2015) : The state tourism department has started its tourism campaign for this winter with three major festivals to be held in Mussoorie, Tehri and Auli from November 2015 to February 2016. The Tehri carnival in November 2015……. read more
Home stay in Uttarakhand (7th Sep 2015) : Tourism has variety of sectors for different types of tastes. If you wish to see the cultural life of rural Himalayan villages the best way is to go for Homestay. The Homestay concept has already been thriving in Uttarakhand and now the state department……. read more
Restoring the traditional music of Uttarakhand (6th Sep 2016) : The Uttarakhand government is taking initiative to preserve the traditional heritage of music. This initiative is being done in order to save the traditional heritage of music from vanishing. The artistes associated with the traditional music……. read more
Revamping tourist rest houses and resorts in Uttarakhand (4th Sep 2015) : The state government is keeping all the options open for tourism promotions in Uttarakhand. In order to promote the tourism in the state, all the precautionary measures are being taken. The renovation works of tourists rest houses are being taken…….read more
Mussoorie connected by wi-fi (3rd Sep 2015) : Mussoorie, the queen of hills has been connected by wi-fi. On Wednesday, the Uttarakhand Chief Minister and Urban development Minister inaugurated the operation of wi-fi in Mussoorie. With the help of wi-fi, the Chief Minister and the Urban development Minister…….read more
Winter tourism in Uttrakhand (1st Sep 2015) : Uttarakhand government is preparing itself for this coming winter. The government has made a roadmap for the tourism activity for this winter starting from Tehri fair in November 2015 to Auli carnival in February 2016.…….read more
Jim Corbett National Park may get the Corbett’s rifle (31st Aug 2015) : Jim Corbett national park is named after a famous hunter Jim Corbett, who was given the responsibility of killing a man-eaters of Champawat. The feat was achieved by Jim Corbett after a meticulous and clever planning…….read more
Winter Chardham in Uttarakhand (31st Aug 2015) : The winter Chardham in Uttarakhand shall continue this year as well. State government has decided to promote the idea of winter Chardham aggressively.  Funds have been provided to district magistrate of Rudraprayag…….read more
Triyuginarain temple (Sunday, 30 Aug 2015): The temple is located in the district of Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand. This is the temple where Shiva and Parvati wedded. This temple is believed to have been built in Treta yug and older than Kedarnath temple. This is an another saga.……read more
Badrinath Dham(Saturday, 29 Aug 2015) : Badrinath Dham is located in Uttrakhand state of India. This Dham is  very sacred and one of the Chardhams of India. This Dham finds mention in vedic and other ancient hindu religious texts. Badrinath Dham is considered the abode of Vishnu God..……read more
Jim Corbett National park, Uttarakhand (Saturday, 29 Aug 2015) :  Elephants trained in Karnataka and rode by mahouts from Assam shall be available at the park by next year(Year 2016) . The management has decided to bring in 10 elephants from Karnataka, feeling an urgent need for trained pachyderms.……read more
Over 7 lakh pilgrims visit Chardham, Hemkund Sahib, Uttarakhand (Thursday, 27th Aug 2015) : The number of pilgrims  has been increasing continuously every year for Chardham and Hemkund Sahib. The state government has set up State Disaster Response Force at various places to tackle.……read more
Elephant population rise in Uttarakhand(Sunday, 23rd Aug 2015) : The latest elephant population survey in Uttarakhand shows an increase of 33 % rise in the state over the past nine years. The survey indicated that there are 1797 elephants in the state. In 2007, there were 1,346 elephants and in the last census in 2012.……read more
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