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 Introduction :
Panch Kedar trek is attributed to Lord Shiva. The history goes back to the days of Mahabharata. When the war ended five Pandavas started their journey to find Shiva to get rid of the sin for killing their own kinsmen. Lord Shiva fled to Kedarnath from Kashi to elude the Pandavas, and on being detected by them assumed the form of a bull.  Bhim tried to catch Him , but Shiva dived into the earth and only the hump came  in Bhim’s hand.  Shiva was pleased with the determination of the Pandavas to receive His blessings and be freed from the sin of killing their own kinsmen in war and gave them darshan.  This hump is worshipped at Sri Kedarnath Dham today. The Panch Kedar pilgrimage starts with Sri Kedarnath.
 About Panch Kedar trek
Location : Distt. Rudraprag and Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India

Destinations : Kedarnath, Madmaheshwar, Tungnath, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar

Grade: Moderate

Itinerary :

1st Day : Rishikesh to Guptakashi and overnight stay.

2nd Day : Guptakashi to Kedarnath (22 km trek) over night stay at Kedarnath.

3rd Day : Kedarnath to Guptkashi and overnight stay

4th Day : Guptkashi to Gaundar village via Ukhimath and overnight stay at village

5th Day : Gaundar to Madhyamaheshwar and overnight stay

6th Day : Madhyamaheshwar to Chopta (base point for Tungnath trek) over night stay.

7th Day : Tungnath trek and departure to Gopeshwar (base point for Rudranath trek)

8th Day : Rudranath Trek from Salna

9th Day : Rudranath to Gopeshwar 

10th Day : Gopeshwar to Kalpeshwar via Urghum and overnight stay.

11th Day (final day) : Kalpeshwar to Rishikesh

kedar final

The first of Panch Kedar is Kedar Nath. According to an inscription printed in the Epigraphica Indica, King Bhoj Tribhuwan Narain of Malwa constructed, amongst other temples, the Temple of Sri Kedar. The question does arise, as to whether or not the Kedar Temple referred to is the temple of Sri Kedarnathji….read more

Madmaheshwar done

Lord Shiva dived into the earth at Kedarnath and His naval portion reappeared at Madamaheshwar. Madmheshwar is therefore one of the Panch Kedars, meaning one of the five Shiva shrines. The temple opens some time very close to the day when the temples of Sri Kedarnath and Sri Badrinath open and closes for winters….read more.












Tungnath is nearly 5 km from Chopta, and even though it is a strenuous trek, the grandeur of the mountain scenery makes it all worthwhile. One of the five famous Panch Kedar temples is set on the crest of a hill, at a height of 3680 mtr above sea-level…read more.


The temple of Rudranath is set amidst thick forests and Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Nilkanth Mahadev. Situated at a height of 2286 mtr, above sea level, the temple is a great attraction for the locals and trekkers equally….read more.


At Kalpeshwar, there is a small rock Temple of Lord Shiva and the entrance to it is through a cave like route. It is about 23 km from Joshimath, in the direction of Pipalkoti. With the “Darshan” of Kalpeshwar, the Panch Kedar ….read more.


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