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1st day : Haldwani to Dhakuri (196 km road,10 km trek)

2nd day : Dhakuri to Khati ( 10 km trek)

3rd day : Khati to Dwali (11 km)

4th day : Dwali to Pindari (13 km trek)

5th day : Pindari to Khati ( 24 km trek )

6th day : Khati to Haldwani ( 20 km trek, 196 km road)

This magnificent glacier owes its existence to the vast quantities of snow sliding from Nanda Khat, Nanda Kot and other lofty peaks around the outer wall of the Nanda Devi sanctuary. Close to the glacier is an open undulating meadow, and to the east, a lofty moraine made up of gravel, mud and blocks of snow embedded in the rubble – which projects into the glacier.

The Pindari Glacier is 3 km long and 365 mtr wide at an altitude of 3353 mtr above sea level. Pindari is perhaps the    most easily accessible amongst all the glaciers in the region and visitors have a magnificient view of the glacier in its entirety alongwith the surrounding peaks.

The trek:

 For several years, Kapkote used to be the last motor head on this trail. Now the buses and trucks can ply upto Song village. Jeeps and light vehicles can, subject to roads being in order, go up to Loharkhet. Beyond Loharkhet, jeepable road is under construction up to Dhakuri.

The trek there fore starts from Song village or a point where the jeeps may be in a position to take you. This starting point can be approached from the railheads at Kathgodam or Rishikesh. Unlike other treks, there are PWD bungalows and many improvised huts, eating places and tea shops at almost all halting places enroute. As there are many trekkers during summer months.

It is an exhilarating trek, with the resplendent peaks of the Himalayas always in view, past soaring pines, glades of ferns and wild flowers, and tumbling waterfalls on way to the glacier. Impressive view of Trisul, Devtoli , Nanda Devi and other peaks is available from different points and especially from Dhakuri Khal, which is 2830 mtrs high. A superb view of the glacier can be had from around the Phurkia Rest House and many trekkers being satisfied with this, or partly due to tired legs, do not go beyond.

Note: The so called “Zero Point”of Pindari glacier is located at 3600 mtr. It is easier and preferable to reach this point first and look down to an excellent view of the glacier’s snout. Short of Zero Point is “SadhuCave” which becomes the shelter point for those who may decide to  camp here.


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