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River Mandakini and Bhaironathji in Kedarnath (7th Jan 2016) : The origin of the mandakini river is from Kedarnath. The large glacier behind the Kedarnath temple is the main source of three streams and the fourth stream known as Dudha Ganga comes down from the mountain on the opposite side, finally merge to become the fabulous Mandakini. This same Mandakini river merges at Rudraprayag with Alaknanda. From Kedarnath to Rudraprayag the river Mandakini keeps swelling in volume due to more tributary merging with it. 

In Kedar vally, there are many kunds and all these kunds have great legends. These kunds are very sacred and have religious significance. Udak kund, Hans kund and Ret kund are the important ones.

Bhaironath temple is located half km from the main Kedarnath temple. This temple is dedicated to the Bhaironathji who is worshipped on the opening and the closing days of the Kedaranath temple. It is widely believed that Bhaironath ji protects the Kedarnath temple during winter when the seat is changed to Ukhimath. The importance of Bhaironathji can not be ignored and should always be kept in mind when visiting Kedarnath Dham.  

The samadhi of Adiguru Shankracharya is located at the back of the Sri Kedarnath temple. Adiguru is well know figure of the Hindu religion and he brought back this religion to the seat. During medieval period, Hindustan was slowly and gradually influenced by Buddhism. The start of the Buddhism was put by the king Ashoka in a very aggressive tone and he succeeded in that. Later many other kings also followed suit making Buddhism a prominent religion in India. By 9th century, Buddhism had a great say in India and Adi Guru Sankracharya brought back the Hinduism by his preaching and intellect. Adiguru laid the foundation of four Maths and four Dhams in the four corners of india. Adiguru after completing his task passed away and left his mortal body at Kedarnath at the young age of 32 yrs. A memorial to the Adiguru has been constructed at the back of the Kedarnath temple.

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