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Rudranath trek can be organised either from Gopeshwar or from Joshimath and both are enjoyable. Rudranath is set amidst thick forests and Lord Shiva is worshipped here as Nilkanth Mahadev.

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Rudranath TempleSituated at a height of 2286 mtr, above sea level, the temple is a great attraction for the locals and trekkers equally. The meadows around are fragrant with flowers and herbs, and the glittering snow-covered peaks of Trisul, Nanda Devi, Devasthan always in view. Nearby there is a cold water stream known as Vaitarani, the water of salvation. Through glorious mountain scenery, it is a 20-km trek ( 3 km Salna by road now, so only 17 km trek) from Gopeshwar to Rudranath.

Time permitting the best thing to do will be to start the trek from Gopeshwar and after visiting Rudranath, end up at Urgam or Helang near Joshimath. On this trek Nandikund, at a height of 2439 mtr above sea-level, is a place where the local people worship some old rusty swords thrust into the rocks.  They believe these belonged to the Pandavas.                  

Urgam is a picturesque valley with terraced fields, rich red orchards, and lush green forests.  Its gentle folk are warm and friendly.  Close by there is the rock Temple of Kalpanath, another shrine of Lord Shiva. A motor road to Urgam has now been constructed from Joshimath side and that has shortened  the trek to some extent.

The trek route:

Place Altitude (m) Distance (km0
Gopeshwar 1300
Gangolgaon 1400 3 motorable
Panar 2286 8 trek
Naila 3354 5 trek
Rudranath 2286 4 trek
Dumak 2134 12 trek
Kalgont 2073 5 trek
Kimana 2073 8 trek
Palla 2073 3 trek
Urgam 2134  8 trek
Helang 1524  9 motorable
Joshimath 1890  14 motorable


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