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Safety of Kedarnath (19th May, 2016): The security of Kedarnath temple has been under question mark for last few years, but this year with the initiative by police the security has been beefed up in order to make Kedarnath safe to visit. This is for the first time that the Kedarnath temple complex has been encircled by police personnel   with AK 47 to give all sorts of protection and security to pilgrims.

This initiative has been done in order to protect the pilgrims and Kedarnath temple from any kind of emergency. The police are fully equipped and alert to avoid any mishap and keep the security concerns at priority. This is first time in the history of the temple that such a great precautionary measure is being taken by the police initiative and the force has been furnished with AK 47. A quick response team has been deployed has been in the temple complex. There are four constables, one head constable with 5 AK 47 present inside the complex round the clock based on rotation of the police protection groups after every two hours.

At Kedarnath, the police is ready with one police chowki  (outpost). This police chowki consists of 2 sub – inspectors, 14 constables, 2 female constables, 4 firemen, 4 home guards and one head operator. One SDRF team has also been deputed from headquarter to Kedarnath.

The above protection has been provided to pilgrims in order to send a positive message to all the visitors coming from all over the world to this sacred shrine. This shrine is one of the isolated shrines away from human settlements. There is no quick access to the modern facilities and on top of that the place is at a very high altitude which does not suit many leading to illness. So, an extra precaution has been taken by the government and the police department to keep the journey safe.

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