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sparrowSave the sparrows (2nd March, 2016) : Save the environment. Go green. Save wildlife. Save the earth. How can you do that?. You can also do. Do your bit by not using plastic bags but use eco-friendly bags. Don’t litter wastes on roads or any other place. You can do many things and make a wonderful change in this world. Let’s experiment on checking the population of sparrow which has been declining very sharply. The population check can be done by keeping a nest box and some bird food on your terrace or anywhere at a height beyond human reach.

To mark sparrow day on March 20, the Uttar Pradesh government has even planned to distribute one lakh sparrow nest boxes and run a campaign to spread the awareness about sparrow. The dimension of the nest box should be  15x15cms (length xwidth), 25 cms height. The nest box should be wooden and placed at a height of at least 2 mtr. from the ground.  

The sparrow, especially the common house sparrow, is fortunately found in abundance in many parts of our planet earth. But, the population of the sparrow is on the decline for last many years in both urban and rural areas. The population decrease is an indicator of the rapid degradation of our environment and wildlife species which may someday lead to ecological catastrophe.

As per one expert, this thing is also a warning bell that alerts us about the possible detrimental effects on our health and well being.

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