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Sri Hemkund Sahib and Valley of flowers: If you come looking for heaven, to Sri Hemkund Sahib, you will certainly get a glimpse of heaven here but you will not find words to describe the divine theatre as it just holds you spell bound.  The cool air will touch the mind and soul and carry the thoughts back to the time when Guru Govind Singh meditated here in his previous life. And to pay obeisance to this heavenly abode you will see that flowers have already been provided by the creator in the gardens along the route, all around the lake and in the nearby Valley of Flowers. You will be happy that you did not find it necessary to pluck any or bring any from all the way you came from.  The mystic call in this heavenly abode is not to pluck the flowers, but to save them for divinity and visit the shrine with a sense of complete surrender to the faith that Guru Govind Singh had initiated for the good of mankind.  The Gurudwara Management trust therefore appeals to the visitors not to pluck the flowers.

And if you are looking for a fairy land, come to the next door Valley of Flowers, which before its discovery was an exclusive home for the fairies. While the sacred lake of Sri Hemkund Sahib is high up on the mountain top at a height of nearly 4329 mtr. The valley of Flowers is almost 1000 mtr. down touching the feet of the celestial lake. During the rains, the entire area from the valley to the sacred lake is bedecked with flowers and the air is permeated with divine fragrance. In fact Sri Hemkund sahib and Valley of Flowers are inseparable parts of that sacred domain where the Guru Govind Singh  meditated on the shores of Hemkund lake.  

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