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trafficTips for driving in hilly areas( 13th May, 2016): This season in 2016, the transport department is going to take stringent measures to avoid accidents during Char Dham yatra. For this purpose, the department has taken a decision to check the alcohol level of drivers while driving using alcohol meter. Every year thousands of vehicles run on these routes and many drivers are found driving very rashly. To stop this menace, all the precautionary measures are being taken by the transport department of Uttarakhand.

During past the transport department had not been able to check the accidents due to alcohol consumption by drivers. As per internal sources, the transport department has received 6 alcohol meters. Out of there 6 alcohol meters, 3 would be used for Char Dhar whereas remaining 3 for Dehradun team.

There alcometers shall be applicable for all drivers. The drivers shall be penalized if found drunk while driving.

For Char Dham yatra every year around 10,000 vehicles run on the roads in the Garhwal region. The traffic gets very heavy and road are totally different in hilly regions. The drivers coming from the plane areas like Chandigarh, Delhi and other places need to be very careful while driving. The drivers having height phobia should refrain from driving as there are many places where the road is at a very big height from the river level or the bottom.  The drivers should refrain from drinking alcohol while driving in hilly areas because only one mistake can be very fatal. There should a proper sleeping doze for the driver for proper concentration while driving. The days to complete the yatra should not be reduced which causes the rush in the journey.

Uttarakhand is a beautiful place consisting of  mountains, rivers, wild species etc. So, it is advised to enjoy while driving the vehicle at a very moderate speed and alcohol free to make the journey pleasant.   

The Char Dhams of Uttarakhand