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When you plan to trek a meadow or scale a summit, the first few things you should keep in your mind is as follows:

  • Altitude of summit and the trek route.
  • Trek distance and condition.
  • Weather pattern of the trek route.
  • Trek level: easy, moderate, hard and very hard.

To know the altitude of the trek route and the summit is very important, because the temperature and oxygen percentage goes down as you climb higher. So, you may need to acclimatize your body for higher altitude trek by staying and camping near summit for one day.  

To know about the trek distance and condition is also very important before you start the journey.  Few treks are steep and few are not. You may not cover the same distances of two different treks in same time frame due to the difference in the slopes and the path conditions of the treks. Don’t venture the treks on your own, sometimes you may take wrong direction and spoil the journey. Always take professional help.

Weather pattern should also be checked for trekking. At many places in mountainous regions, the afternoon brings shower. So the movement of your trek should start early and as fast as possible before the afternoon rain starts pouring.  And during the rainy season, it almost rains every day.  So, never forget to keep rain proof clothes (i.e. jackets, pants etc.). The better situation can be known through your travel agent or guide.

The understanding of the trek level is also very important. As soon as you choose the hard level trek, ensure to keep yourself physically fit. Sometimes, trekkers fall sick on the way and whole trekking journey gets jeopardized.

In the above paragraphs, it was tried to convey that one should have the knowledge of the opted trek as much as possible. The trekking gears and clothes should be kept accordingly.

Few other important points:

  • Never drink alcohol, caffeine or something which dehydrates the body, when you visit or trek higher altitude.
  • Always wear warm clothes during higher altitude trek.
  • Always wear caps, one for night and one for day time to protect you face from sun burn.
  • Don’t forget to carry water bottle, walking stick, rain proof sheet, hiking shoes, mittens, torch, dry fruits, lip balm, winter face cream. For more please click
  • Never forget to keep one first aid box for your group.
  • This is the last point which is very important. The exercise is needed for 2-3 days’ or more days’ trek. Prepare yourself by jogging at least 30 minutes for 3 days’ a week for a month. Do the knee exercise, which is very important.

So, the above tips may have given you some insight about trekking preparation. Hope, when you to trek next time, these tips will help you. Please don’t forget to give your feedback.    








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