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It is advisable to have sturdy, well fitting and well-tried footwear alongwith thick pairs of socks.  As weather in the hills can be uncertain, one must carry a wind jacket (preferably water proof), pullover, cap, gloves, raincoat, etc. At high altitudes, particularly when one is trekking near the snow line, it is advisable to wear sunglasses that offer protection against ultra-violet rays and also apply sunblock creams on exposed body parts to avoid excess sun-tan or sun-burn. A sleeping bag and groundsheet should also be part of your trekking equipment.  Carry a reasonable amount of tinned food and for that extra pep and bounce, don’t forget to take along high-energy snacks like candy, chocolate and dry fruits.  Choose a ruck-sack which stands long rather than wide and pack your heavy items at the top, so that the centre of gravity of the load is vertical rather than horizontal.


          nag tibba1Porters are usually available at the motor terminals and nearby villages.  It is always advisable to arrange porters through an agency or after verification of their residential address, father’s name etc.  Dream Mountain arranges few of the selective treks as mentioned. Comprehensive data regarding distances, availability of food etc. will help make the trek  enjoyable. New roads are coming up all over the hills. The motor heads shown in the travel books or internet, may change any time and the trekking distances may become shorter and some times longer due to road blocks. This particular aspect may be kept in mind while planning a trek.


           There are a large number of trekking routes in the Himalayas. In fact the roads to every valley and each village become a trek. The State Tourism Department has listed more than 200 treks.  

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