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VOFValley of Flowers to open in June 2017:  As per tradition, the world renowned Valley of Flowers is scheduled to open to the public on 1st June 2017. The closing date is usually 4th October every year. This formal opening and closing is necessitated because of the fact that the Valley of Fowers lies in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve and is regarded as a fragile ecosystem that requires extra care and protection.

According to reports the Forest Department has dispatched a team to the Valley to open up the route for the tourists that are expected from 1st June onwards. Last year in 2016, almost 10,000 tourists visited the Valley, and if road conditions remain favourable, this figure will be exceeded this year.

The Valley of Flowers was discovered by the Britisher Frank Smythe in 1931 while returning with his team from an expedition to Mt.Kamet. Struck by the beauty of the Valley, he visited again and wrote a book titled “Valley of Flowers” in 1938 which made the Valley internationally famous. In the year 1988, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. While earlier the Valley used to be a grazing ground for the livestock of local villagers of Bhyundar, now this practice has been banned and visitors are not even allowed to camp in the Valley.

Valley of Flowers: Frank Smythe camped in  valley of flowers  for one month to collect material for his book “The Valley of Flowers” and took with him seeds for the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland. In furtherance of Smythe’s work, Joan Margaret Legge went to the Valley of flowers in 1939 to study and collect more flowers. She camped at Valley of flowers for a few days, and unfortunately lost her life when she slipped from a rock while picking flowers in valley of flowers. Later in 1944, her sister visited the Valley  of flowers and built a small memorial in the shape of a tombstone there in the valley of flowers. As a reminder of the great love she had for the Himalayas, inscribed on her marble tombstone, in valley of flowers are the following words…. read more.

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